Your Guide to Writing a Finance CV

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For any kind of CV writing, it is important that you master the basics. You must know how to showcase your best abilities and achievements to impress potential employers. Hiring a professional CV writer is the best way you can create an impressive finance CV. Remember that good finance applicants are in demand. So here is a guide for you to write a finance CV in the best way possible.

Starting With Your Finance CV

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep the layout and formatting simple and effective. Start with writing a strong personal statement that explains who you are, your career aims, and what you can offer. Make sure you draw attention to your achievements, like describing your finance career experiences in precise detail, whether they are full-time or part-time experiences.

Do not forget to mention your education, qualification, and any key skills. Do not ever lie in your CV. Avoid adding personal details like marital status or age, mentioning salary expectations, and including references. You may provide it if asked. Do not use cliches or generalisations. Take help from a professional CV writer to describe your successes in specific detail.

Finance Skills to be Included In Your CV

Listing down relevant finance skills is a quick way of showing your employers that you are a potential match. But finance skills are very broad, and the in-demand ones vary depending on the role you are applying for, like accounting, auditing, analysis, management, bookkeeping, etc., so make sure your finance CV includes your experience with financial planning, reporting and modelling, quantitative data analysis, tax preparation, software expertise, budget management and reconciliation.

Also, pay attention to your soft skills, which are extremely useful for finance roles. So think about the most relevant ones, including task prioritising, commercial focus, working autonomously and in a team, strong communication skills, working under pressure, perfect attention to detail, and a proactive approach. But ensure that you backup your strongest skills with evidence.

It is Important to Show Your Impact

It may not always be easy to find statistics for a finance CV to show how much impact you have had in your previous roles. But one of the easiest ways of doing this is to mention the finance tools you have used previously, like showing your impressive metrics for activities you might be involved in. Ensure you also include relevant and remarkable facts, statistics or figures to demonstrate your impact.

Final Tips

After writing about your achievements and passion for the job, you must pay strong attention to detail. Make sure that your CV reflects your great attention to detail. Highlight any unique skills that make you an impressive candidate for finance roles. Build your CV around your strong points and skill set. Also, make sure you come up with perfect CV headlines and end the CV the right way. Remember that these little touches can make all the difference in your CV. If you need help with your financial CV, you can always get help from professional services.


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