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BookYourCv has become a leading name in providing professional resume and CV writing solutions to jobseekers across the world. With a team of highly qualified, experienced and professional resume writers, BookYourCv performs high-quality resume writing for jobseekers in all industries and sectors. Clients receive only hand-written resumes by expert writers. BookYourCv does not use any common resume template or software to create resumes.

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Whether it is in India or other countries like the UK, US, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada, we have helped the large number of jobseekers with perfect resumes with the best resume formatting. As most candidates may not be able to explain their competencies and job roles properly in their CVs due to which HR managers or recruiters do not notice them. We ensure to help all such candidates by working with them closely. We make sure to meet their expectations so they can be selected for their dream jobs.

Best Resume Formatting

BookYourCV uses the latest and in-demand resume styles, formats, and trends. This helps writers in highlighting the skills and strengths of clients as per their roles, goals, and work experience. The resume writing firm creates influencing and high-quality resumes at competitive prices. BookYourCv also offers a wide range of other solutions for jobseekers, such as the writing of cover letters and LinkedIn profiles as well as resume marketing, job search help, and mock interviews. Whether a fresher or an experienced candidate, all can take benefit from the resume marketing services provided by us.

The key to an impressive CV is making sure that the structure is right and the employer gets a quick idea of how you can be useful to him / her for the services they want to extract from you. It must be noted that although there are specific formats of the CVs, the CV should always be prepared keeping in mind the company, job profile and your portfolio.

Frequent best CV format used for job application

There are many types of CV format but broadly bifurcated in three categories, which include

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combined format
We will discuss in details for above three types of resume

Chronological resume format

The most recent position held appears first on a chronological resume, which is organised in reverse chronological order. This was the most popular resume format for a long time, and it still is today. Typically, the following information appears in chronological order on a resume:

  • 1
    Identifying information
  • 2
    Objective or summarising assertion
  • 3
    Professional background
  • 4
    Relevant skills
  • 5
  • 6
    Optionally include volunteer work experience

If your employment history demonstrates a clear upward trend, a chronological resume is a good choice. For instance, if you have worked for a long time in the same industry and each position you have held has been progressively more senior, you may choose a chronological resume format. Even those who have worked in the same or a similar field for the majority of their careers and are applying for a new position use this format.

Functional resume format

A functional or combination resume may be the best option for those with significant gaps in their employment history, who wish to change careers, or who have a diverse range of experience. A functional resume example in its most fundamental form

Instead of emphasising employment history, a functional resume highlights the applicant's current skills and education. The chronological format emphasises the applicant's employment history, whereas the functional format emphasises their skills.

On a functional resume, you will typically find the following information in the following order:

  • 1
    Contact Information
  • 2
    Objective or summarising assertion
  • 3
    Summary of Major Skills
  • 4
    Work background
  • 5
  • 6
    Further information (i.e. volunteer work & special interests)

If you have significant gaps in your employment history and are returning to the workforce after an extended absence, or are changing careers, a functional resume is your best option.

Combination resume format

In some situations, a functional resume may be too restrictive. If you have some work experience and few or no gaps in your employment history, a combination resume may be the best choice. Combination resumes are those that include both work experience and education

It combines the chronological and functional resume formats. This resume format emphasises both your work experience and skills pertinent to the position. Since the majority of space on your resume is occupied by your qualifications and work experience, you may be required to omit sections such as volunteer experience and extracurricular activities. Alternatively, you can use a visual resume to increase your visibility.

In a typical format for a combination resume, the following information displayed:

  • 1
    Your Contact Details
  • 2
    Excellent profile summary
  • 3
    Work background
  • 4
    Skills Sets
  • 5

Using a combination resume permits you to list your skills or work experience first, depending on which is more pertinent to the position. If you are applying for a job in a field where you have a great deal of unique skills, for instance, you may want to list them above your work history. Searching for hints in the job description can also help you determine what qualities the employer values most in a candidate.

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