What’s a Visual CV and How To Create One?

Visual CV and How To Create One?

It’s a competitive world, and people are running in a rat race. They’re constantly battling to get the position that garners wealth and power. But before you get the job of your dreams, you have to send out your resume. Perhaps a text resume won’t cut it! You need a visual resume to come across as unique and dedicated.

The question is – What is a visual resume? In this post, we will be sharing what a visual resume is and how you can create it. Let’s dive into the article to find out!

The Definition of a Visual Resume

A visual resume is a specially designed resume which is getting more popular today than a text resume. Visual resumes have images, texts, and colors, so when the HR or employer opens the document, they see a properly-written resume designed by a professional designer.

This visual resume has professional experience, skills, accolades, hobbies, languages, and competencies. It describes the whole personality and experience of the candidate. There are important links in the resume such as the link to your personal website, LinkedIn, or anything that you wish to showcase.

Visual resumes are very attractive, and well-designed. They are made to create a good impression on the employer. When they see that you’ve put effort showcasing a good-looking resume, your chances of getting noticed become higher.

Visual resumes can steal the trophy – there, we said it! You can easily send this attractive resume through email or even hand a print-out to the HR. The biggest question is – How to create this appealing resume? Jump to the next section to find out!

How do you create a winning visual resume?

You have an option of hiring an expert designer for creating this winning CV. Since they have made visual CVs for others, you can easily assign the task to a professional and save your time and effort.

There are a few efficient tools or apps too that will help you make a winning visual resume. The whole point is to make it attractive with colors, texts, and images. You can add your colorful photo (passport size), and make sure it is professional-looking.

A winning CV (a visual one) should have your professional experience, hobbies, qualifications, and skills and strengths. You want the employer to know everything about you. The information that goes into this CV will be the same as the text CV, but there will be a lot more color and visuals in this one. Thus, we recommend booking your CV instead of thinking of DIY!


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