Best 3 Top HR professionals Resume Tips

What top HR professionals see in your resume

The CV is the first impression you get to set with any company and it probably creates a lasting impact. It is a good idea to take help from an HR or a resume maker professional for top hr professionals resume.

If you do not know one, don’t worry, this article will help you figure out the dos and don’ts while making your resume.

You could have the perfect skill sets but without an optimized resume, you will get more organizations that will want to hire you.

A resume can get your foot in the door through which you can showcase your capabilities.

Top HR professionals resume

Here is what some things an HR professional looks into when reading a resume:

Length: Your resume should be concise and not longer than a page.

The HR professional probably has to go through no.s of resumes to hire one person so unless you have relevant experience, they will skip sections of an overly long resume.

A page should be fairly long enough to get all the things across to the HR manager. A good estimate is to have resume be 600-700 words long.

Font: It is preferable to use fonts that are very straightforward and simple to read. Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman are safe choices. This advice can change a little depending on what job you are applying to but an advice that never changes:


Grammatical errors: This is something that can outright get your resume rejected. When applying for jobs you need to pay attention to details and simple errors like these will give a very bad impression.

You can use the spell checker on Word and online tools like Grammarly to get basic errors out of the way.

Words used: The HR professionals speed read through resumes, so they check for certain words used to either judge a prospect positively or negatively.

Try using words that have been mentioned in the job description. Incorporate words but do not blatantly copy lines from the job description.

Use action words that actually show things you have got done. For example: improved, supervised, and trained etc. Do not use words like love, tried or upon request.

Another important thing is not to write your resumes in the first person. That is something a resume maker professional advice against.

Tailored Top HR Professionals Resume

It is very important that your resume is tailored to the job you are applying for. One size fits all does not apply to resumes because each company are looking for different things.

You should make small changes to your resume depending on which company and job profile you are applying to.

When the HR sees that you have put in effort to understand their organization, they are more likely to call you for an interview as you have either put in the effort to understand their needs or fit the company culture.

Team Player: No matter what skills you have, coming across as self-centered will get you rejected. Ensure you come across as a team player, mention work you have done in a team and how you contributed to that said team.

When people know you can get along and work with a team, they will be more receptive and more likely to hire you.

These are some of the basics for you to consider when working on your resume. This is a start and a little research can help you further understand what is required for your specific field.

Another good option is to check for a resume make professional as they have a complete and holistic understanding of what works and does not work when applying for jobs.


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