Marriage Biodata Format


A marriage biodata, also known as a marriage CV contains all the information about a person’s personal profile such as occupation, age, family details, features, etc. so that the person can find an appropriate partner for themselves. The aim of the marriage biodata is to help you find the most suitable life partner while considering suitable facets like age, location, and sometimes profession also, along with your likes and dislikes so that you can have compatibility with your partner.

Writing a marriage biodata is not like creating your professional resume. It entails certain factors. Here, we share 4 key tips to help you create your biodata the right way:

1. It is Not a Resume

One of the most important factors that you should consider while making your marriage biodata is that you should not focus on 'what you do' instead you should focus on 'what you are'. You should focus on conveying your personal traits such as your hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.

Marriage biodata and job resume can be very confusing to make so it is important that you thoroughly understand the difference between the two. Add a personal touch to your marriage biodata to let the other one connect with you to understand who you are as a person.

It is Not a Resume
No Need to Stick to a Format

2. No Need to Stick to a Format

Another important thing that you should consider while making your CV is that you don't have to stick to a particular format to make your marriage biodata appropriate. In fact, by following a proper format in the marriage CV it loses its personal touch and looks very artificial.

You can write it however you want, just make sure to be coherent to the reader so that he or she can understand what you are trying to convey. It should neatly convey what you are looking for in your partner.

3. Be Creative

It is very important to be creative and unique in your CV because no one likes to read those same old CVs. You can try to add some personal touches and try to be honest in your CV so that you can impress your reader. Everyone looks for something which is fresh and unique and by adding a few creative and humorous you will be able to attract a lot of readers.

You can also add some funny incidents from your personal life or a sample of some relevant popular culture references which will make your CV unique.

It is Not a Resume
No Need to Stick to a Format

4. Use a Good Photo

Another important thing to consider while making your CV is to use a good photo because it is the first thing that gets noticed by the readers. Your biodata is going to be much more valuable if you add a good-quality picture. If you are a girl then make sure that you don't get overdressed for the picture, just add a more natural-looking picture.

Boys should not try anything too spectacular too because it will take away the natural charm of your CV. It is very important to add high-quality resolution images so that your marriage biodata looks more appealing.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to mention the three 'W' – who you are, what you do, and what you expect from your life partner. The more descriptive you are about your expectations from the boy or girl, the higher the chances that you will find a perfect match.

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