What is visual resume?

What is visual resume?

Today we will help you to understand what is visual resume or what is Visual CV. Time has been changed now so the process selection of employer and consultant also got changed.

A well-designed resume gets 50% of your work done at the very first place and this can be achieved through visual resume which guarantees that your first impression is not in vain.

Be honest to your resume and do extensive research to know what is visual resume. This is known to everyone the difference between Visual and Text resume.

People are opting for the visual resume in order to win the competition in this competitive job market.

What is visual resume

Difference between visual resume and text resume

  1. Visual resume helps providing the pictorial representation that assists scanning the accentuated key points of your CV.
  2. It gives an original and unmatched shape to the simple/traditional text resume.
  3. Visual resume also assists forming multiple versions of a profile, selecting from numerous industry-approved templates and benefits you to keep a record of your results.
  4. Its visuals and pictures helps in enhancing the authenticity of your resume.
  5. The resume gets a unique clutter breaking look.
  6. Moreover, text resumes are not visually attractive and has only one font size and font style.
  7. You cannot highlight your key points in simple text resume but in visual resume you can easily change the font style by using bold or underlining the points and even changing the font color.
  8. You can easily use your smart phone/Tab to edit your visual resume.

What is Visual resume?

Infographic resume contains all the information and data in form of texts as well as images. But it does not have details information like in textual form resume/traditional resume.

It mostly contains graphics so that one can quickly understand it by just giving it a glance.

Why is it so popular?

  1. Infographic resumes are a hit depending on how creatively you design it. In any hiring process, the understanding of resume from starting to till end is a time consuming process, so infographic resume helps the hiring manager to quickly grasp the essential data, thus making it easy to scan the document.
  2. It helps you to showcase your creativity through your resume and helps you to be unique among the crowd.
  3. But infographic resume is not a complete replacement of a text resume. Although they grab the attention very quickly but when compared to visual resume, the recruiters do not find it much informative. It is more reader friendly because it has both graphics as well as detailed information in textual form.

The final word

A good and creative resume helps you to stand out among the chunks of resumes and always make sure that your resume has a rich content along with eye catching visuals of your skills and accomplishments and in case of any further clarity on what is visual resume give missed call on 8010086090. Get in touch with BookYourCV team to get your visual resume.


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