Visual Resume pricing

Visual Resume pricing

As easy as the process of building your text CV is, it is also very cost effective. If you browse through the internet and check a few visual resume pricing, you will notice they are everything but cheap.

Yes, it relaxes you of all the work and stress to obtain visual CV writing services but once you read through this guide you will want to do it yourself.

it is always advisable to do a comparison of visual resume pricing. There are lot of companies which provides resume writing service and visual CV services but there is huge difference in Visual resume pricing. BookYourCV provides guaranteed lowest visual resume pricing.

Visual resume pricing

The step by step guide

  • Take out the standard version of your CV and give a thorough look at it.
  • Analyze it minutely and highlight the aspects or the points in your CV that you feel would enhance your presentation. The points that you would not want to eliminate from your CV.
  • Make a script of those personal aspects like a storyboard. The quality of the story will determine how effective your visual CV is. The more interesting your storyboard, the more attracted the employer will get towards it.
  • At every opportunity, you start to use visuals, graphs or info-graphics, use them. Do not think of it as an unnecessary task.

How to make Visual Resume

Step by step guide

At the outset, you have to be very clear about the present day job situations. The employer generally interviews more than a thousand prospective candidates for around 20 vacancies. The competition is sky high and unforgiving. Now in this competition to secure a successful interview you need to make that all effective first impression and the key to that first impression lies in your resume. If your resume is an attractive one then you are bound to increase your chances for a call-up.

  • Why should you go for the visual resume?

Are you the one who want your CV to show up from the mound of other applicants CV’s? If the reply is yes, which should be, then you have to understand why to go for Visual CV writing services for a reason. A visual CV enables reason of distinctive yourself in many ways. 

  • The final draft
  • Once you have chalked out the story and created the final draft, search for pictures that would help in narrating the story. Look for pictures that would be significant for your resume. Pictures of you that are visually appealing and hence enhance your personality towards the employer. The pictures that you choose must be of high quality. Make sure they are not of low resolution or that they get pixilated.
  • Now that all your content is ready, start assembling them in the correct order. Create slides and put them one after the other so that they are in the perfect order. Take time to perfectly adjust the order so that your CV becomes most attractive to your prospective employers.

Visual Resume Pricing

Across the globe pricing depends on experience of yours. But here at BookYourCV it start in the range of 1200 and goes upto Rs 4000. It includes content writing, modifications, designing and two years free support.


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