Resume writing services in Kolkata

Resume writing services in Kolkata

First of all, one must understand, a well written and perfectly formatted resume has a significant role in helping the candidate in getting a job and appropriate resume format brings you better results, therefore you must take our resume writing services in Kolkata and refer few quick suggestions given below: –

  1. Important thing is all resumes are not written in the same style.
  2. Job seeker’s educational history, job- related skills, and other achievements have to be placed in the right place.
  3. Moreover when you have arranged the data properly on a paper, your employer may also find it very easy to assess it.

Resume in reverse chronological format

With this format, you have to include your recent employment details at the first part of your resume. After that, you may proceed towards the previous professional records. To write this resume, you need to display-

  • Some dates
  • Your past employers
  • Academic institutes or vocational training

Resume writing services in Kolkata


Resume writers in Kolkata

While the resume writers in Kolkata create your paper, they-

  • Emphasize the areas, especially relevant to the targeted job.
  • Incorporate all companies details where you have been employed.

In addition to it, they mention past employers name, job title, and achievements. However one negative aspect is that if your past jobs differ from the current position, RC format may not be helpful.

Thus, speak to a professional resume writer before selecting the format. They provide their resume writing services in Kolkata and PAN India.

Functional resume- Keep away from traditional style

It concentrates on all your experiences and skills. This format is chosen especially by those, who want to change their present career. You can also go for this resume if you’ve some gaps in your job history.

To develop a perfect functional resume the writers give much importance to-

  • Summary– This includes at the first part of your document to mention all your skills in a precise way. It provides an apparent view of your overall resume to the employers.
  • Keywords– If you want to submit your resume at an online site, keywords are highly important to you. The writers may add those keywords to the list of your accomplishments or in the subheadings.

Functional format resumes focus more on a candidate’s skills, abilities, and achievements than on their work experience. In a standard chronological resume, job experiences are listed in reverse order. A functional format resume, on the other hand, groups skills and accomplishments into specific categories to show how skilled the individual is in different areas.

One of the best things about a resume writing services in kolkata with a functional structure is that it can show off skills and qualities that might not be obvious from a chronological work history. This is especially helpful for people who have been out of work for a while, want to switch careers, or want to get back into the workforce after a break. By putting information into skill-based parts like “Project Management,” “Communication Skills,” or “Technical Proficiencies,” candidates can make a strong case for why they are right for a certain job.

Also, the functional style lets applicants make their resumes fit the job they’re looking for by putting the most important skills and achievements front and centre.

Combination resume- Best for experienced candidates

Just as the functional format, it includes skills and expertise of applicants.

The major sections, needed for this format are-

  • Contact details– It shows candidate name, mobile number, email ID and physical address. If you have an account at LinkedIn, you may mention it.
  • Professional account– This profile reveals your experience and skills and relates them to your past job record.
  • Extra skills– As a senior or mid-level candidate, if you have some additional skills, then you may organize this section. To avoid the mistake in any of these resume formats, you can look for the best resume writing services in Kolkata.

In conclusion, resume writers of Kolkata are there to help and you must take help of them if not sure how to go for it.


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