Common Mistakes to Avoid in CV

Curriculum Vitae play a very important role while going for an interview. Here I am mentioning some common mistakes to avoid in CV

It will be your first impression on the employer, sometimes much before you even meet the employer, and that is why creating a good CV can work miraculously in your favor.

CV writing companies help to solve this problem of creating an attractive CV.

Always remember that first impressionCommon Mistakes to Avoid in CV is the last impression, and this is given great importance in the corporate field. For enhancing your public figurine and increasing your credibility among the corporate, a good CV can do the trick for you.

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in CV which people usually make while drafting a professional CV that should be avoided at any cost.

  1. Be on point- Instead of including irrelevant information about your personal life; try to keep your CV professional as much as possible. Include the information which might get you an interview. Also, try to keep the main points highlighted. This will save your interviewer’s time well.
  2. Keep it real- Do not exaggerate or make up information which might get you into trouble. Be clear about your agendas and the expectations that you have from the company for which you have applied. Also, try to validate your real wins instead of making up the fake ones. A lot of people include fake wins forgetting that the employers are smart and intelligent.
  3. Good command of language- Before sending out a CV, make sure that it has been spell checked and proof read properly. A simple and silly grammar mistake can make all your hard work go down the drain. Ask a friend to check it for you, if you are not that confident about your grammar. Fresher’s specifically don’t pay heed to this, but this could be the deal breaker for you. Consider taking help from a professional if you have to, but make sure it is perfect.
  4. Format it well- Use a nice and well-researched format for your CV. Keep your name clear and in bold for better understanding and a good impression. Choose separate columns, in order to place information separately and clearly.
  5. Keep your attachments ready- Many times people are interested in keeping their attributes ready to be attached with their CV. Make sure that you send your attached files along with the mail and not after it if you are looking for a good response from the interviewer’s side.

A good CV can get you your dream job, but your skill set also matters. Be sure always to double check your CV depending on what post you are applying for and which company you are willing to work with. There are also some professionals CV writing companies, who help you to create an effective CV for a very nominal charge. Consider it as an investment and get one made from them to get the best results.